About Us

Mission Statement

Welcome to Sydney Orthopaedic Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery (SOTRS). SOTRS was started in 2005.  Our surgeons pride themselves on providing high quality, evidence based, compassionate and respectful care to all their patients.  We believe that every patient deserves the best care possible and we treat all patients equally, regardless of the circumstances of their injuries, medical problems or financial status.

We love our work and are acutely aware of the privileged position we hold in being able to help our patients improve their levels of activity, reduce pain or recover from traumatic injuries.  We believe that to provide a high quality service, we must stay up to date with the most current advances in orthopaedics.   As such, we have a full time research assistant and are involved in doing research both at SOTRS and as part of multi site trials; we regularly attend conferences both as speakers and participants; and we are involved in the teaching of other orthopaedic surgeons, training doctors, medical students, nursing staff and allied health professionals.

Our expertise is in the treatment of hip and knee conditions, foot and ankle conditions, wrist and shoulder conditions and the management of orthopaedic trauma.  We run clinics with the aid of a practice nurse and a physiotherapist so that we can provide a holistic approach to treatment from the initial consultation through to post operative care.  We also work closely with sport physicians and other medical specialists to ensure optimum management of all patients.

We look forward to welcoming you to our practice.